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I love double daylilies!! Especially the hose-in-hose forms.
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New Litter February 2012
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Humanely harvested bunny fluff for lovely yarn


Top Priorities:
1. Protection from predators. A hutch is not enough, fence around it too. Wire can be ripped open; buns can be literally scared to death.
2. Always have fresh clean water available! Change the water at least twice a day
3. Protection from hot weather - if it's 80 degrees, soda bottles filled with water and frozen solid to lie against, (and fans if possible) or move them to a cool place. Windy cold wet weather isn't good either - block the wind and cover sides of hutches.
4. Prevention of wool block which can be fatal. If they're ingesting hair (grooming themselves especially if they have loose or shedding hair) it can block their digestive tract and be fatal! Remove that hair, give rabbit lax, tummy rubs, hay not pellets - if things aren't getting better within hours consult an expert vet! A bunny who isn't interested in eating may be very sick. If there's nothing coming out the other end, or bunny droppings are very small or strung together, you've got to take quick action. Google GI stasis for more information.
5. Plenty of good quality hay to keep their digestive system working well. Ask the folks at the feed store; avoid dusty or moldy hay.
6. Change foods gradually and don't suddenly give lots of greens! Moderation in everything, research whether it's edible first.
7. Supervision if there are electrical cords around! Watch out for the buns eating plastic etc. too, and no pesticides on their food (they're very sensitive).
8. Avoid falls (don't leave cage doors open) and watch out for toenails getting caught in cage wire.
9. Educate yourself - know your bunny and you'll both be happier. There are lots of yahoo groups with great angora and rabbit information.

Good quality rabbit pellets should be given in moderation; hay is more important especially with angoras. A little bit of Manna Pro (will mention rabbits on the bag) helps get buns in good condition. Maple or fruit tree twigs are good to help teeth not grow too long. Dandelion leaves are supposed to be beneficial (mine don't like them, but one of them won't even eat carrots LOL). My buns get fresh pineapple every day to help prevent wool block, a small piece of carrot (~1-2 inches), half a kale leaf, always get hay, ~1/2 cup of pellets twice a day with a little Manna Pro mixed in, lots of pats on the head. They also take turns running around loose visiting the other bunnies who are stuck in their cages so we don't have uncontrolled breeding. Buns will fight to protect their territory, and bucks will fight each other, but they do enjoy socializing and running around, jumping and doing "binkies". That running around helps the digestive system too.

Don't forget big cages/hutches! They're big buns and need some room to hop around.

Enjoy your buns!

because we are worth it!
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