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Striped and variegated daylilies!
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Striped and variegated daylilies!


I am currently breeding with variegated-bloom daylilies. Imagine bold white stripes on purple - or on ruby-red, wouldn't that be striking? Peppermint Ice (Lovell 04) and Pink Stripes (Derrow 05) have consistent striping and have produced striped offspring. They are dips. I am also working with some tets - Broken Promise (Story 06) which is the parent of "Shattered" and some tets that I've observed to have a tendency to have broken colors. For examples of beautiful broken-color iris, which are much further along, google Batik + Iris. My ultimate goal would be to have variegated blooms on plants with variegated foliage, but my variegated foliage daylilies haven't cooperated with me yet!

Pink Stripes (Derrow) with Arctic Lace and America The Beautiful in background.

Do not use my pictures without permission!

2010 update: working with "Dr. Pepper" (Greg Schindler unreg.) Had a nice speckled tet show up unexpectedly in my seedlings. Also using some variegated dip seedlings and Dottie Do Little. White Stripes crossed with a dip variegated seedling - progress!

stripey baby
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