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FRUGAL PERENNIAL GARDENING, Seeds, Angora fluff to spin into yarn, and Giant Angora Rabbits too!
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Striped and variegated daylilies!
Pink Stripes and Peppermint Ice
Tough Northern Performers - Favorite Daylilies
Why buy and plant every year, when perennials will come back for you?
I love double daylilies!! Especially the hose-in-hose forms.
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Giant Angora Rabbits, angora rabbit, angora for sale
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You can have a beautiful garden and grow your own food too!
New Litter Born February 2012
New Litter February 2012
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Daylilies For Sale
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Humanely harvested bunny fluff for lovely yarn


Our October 2019 baby Giant Angoras are almost ready for new homes!

 If you'd like to order daylily seeds or angora fiber for spinning or felting, please email to check availability and for paypal email address or P.O. Box to send payment. Sorry, can't take credit cards. U.S. only - I don't want your seeds to get lost in the mail!

Packet of 20 miscellaneous dip and tet seeds (various colors, sizes, and shapes) are $1.50 (plus $1.25 shipping no matter how many packets).

Angora fluff is $5 an ounce for top grade. the very best long-staple may be slightly more. 100% two-ply angora yarn is generally $25 per skein; contact for details please.

I'm a past member of the New England Daylily Society and the Patriot Daylily Society, and have been hybridizing daylilies for 15 years and selling seeds since 2006. I like to give people more than they pay for! Generally I tuck extra seeds and bonus seeds in.

Thanks for your patience,

Hemerocallis 'Connie Burton' + tree frog

Connie Burton, a diploid with gorgeous ruffling! (and a tree frog, too...)

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